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Custom Handmade T-Shirt Quilts Are the Perfect Memory Gift

Custom tee shirt quilt

The handmade quilts are the perfect gift. Filled with gymnastics t-shirts from the last 12 years, your daughter can enjoy thinking back to the memories as she snuggles under the custom t-shirt quilt. A few of the pieces are especially fun:

  • The purple gymnastics square that features the size eight girls t-shirt, as well as the silhouette of a gymnast in the middle of a backbend. Although you only but a single square from this shirt in the quilt, it could have been a easy one to repeat since several of your daughter’s young teammates had the exact same shirt. At the time, one of their most popular clothing stores came out with a new gymnastics themed outfit about once every two months. Every time your daughter looks at this square, she is certain to smile at the memories of herself and her fri
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