Are You Looking for Landscape Design Ideas?

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Do you live in an area where all the homes have great curb appeal? Have your neighbors invested in creating beautiful or unique landscaping along with good green spaces? Were you aware that a recent landscaping survey found that 63% of its participants would pay more for a house or apartment located in an area like this? The results of the survey also showed that 60% of potential home buyers’ purchasing decisions were influenced by whether or not a house had well-landscaped yards.

If you live in an urban area, would you like to see more green spaces? According to a recent landscaping survey, 52% of the participants indicated that they would like to see more of this as well. When you have your home professionally landscaped, you may set a neighborhood trend. Once your community sees what your landscaping professional has created, they may be inspired to enhance their yards with a healthy lawn, plants, shrubs, and a copse or two of trees.

If you’re planning to put your house on the market, it’s important to note that quality landscaping can increase your home’s resale value by approximately 14%. This percentage may be more or less, depending on the extent of the landscaping. It may also be considerably higher if you have inviting outdoor living spaces. Landscaping alone, however, can bring a return on investment of 100% to 200%, according to Money magazine.

When you consult with a professional landscape design firm, they will be able to provide you with a variety of landscaping and backyard hardscape design ideas. If you already have a few projects in mind, they will work with you to bring your vision into being. Have you envisioned natural stone walkways, built-in seating, and a koi pond or another type of water feature? What about installing a custom fireplace or outdoor kitchens for entertaining family and friends? In addition to having outdoor kitchens, you may also want to have a lush garden, shade trees, and LED landscape lighting.

Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market now or in the near future, why not have these and other luxuries to enjoy in the meantime? When you are prepared to sell, your real estate agent will tell you that landscaping is a significant selling factor. If you just invest five percent of your home’s current value on landscaping, it can potentially increase your home’s resale value by 15%. Furthermore, your house will likely sell faster and at a higher price when you make an investment in its curb appeal. Backyard living spaces that include outdoor kitchens and other modern conveniences will also make a difference when it’s time to sell.

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