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Three House Flipping Mistakes New Flippers Should Avoid

Fix and flip houses

Flipping houses is becoming an increasingly popular method of making money in America. It’s led to pretty fierce competition in the low cost housing market and caused the home remodeling industry to thrive in recent years, but the practice isn’t for everyone. Knowing how to flip a house isn’t just about knowing a few secrets to flipping houses; it’s also about knowing the fundamentals and what not to do when you’re flipping a house. Here are three common mistakes that inexperienced house flippers make that you should avoid.

Thinking of yourself
One common mistake that beginner house flippers tend to make is that they get personal with the flip. It’s tempti

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How To Build Up Your Defense Against Dirty Remote Controls

Programming a remote

You essentially have two options when it comes to television remote controls that have collected too much dirt, dust, and unidentifiable particles to keep working — either you can just give up on the current ones and just buy replacement TV remotes, or you can try cleaning them out yourself. Cleaning a remote control isn’t exactly rocket science, and it’s definitely something that can be done in five minutes flat with just a few items that are probably already hanging around your house. If you aren’t sure where to start, though, here you go:

  • Cleaning solution (i.e. rubbing alcohol, sanitizing solution, etc.)
  • Q-tips and/or toothbr
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Have You Considered Using a Storage Unit as Your Office?

Storage units near me

A self storage facility can be of great use to you. It can free up extra space in your home, help you to keep your collections organized, and allow you a place to store off-season items. But people actually user self-storage units for more than just storage. Believe it or not, some people actually use them as office spaces.

In the uncertain economy, there are more and more freelance workers out there. These workers don’t have an office, so they often work from home. However, as anyone who has ever tried working from home knows, it’s not the best environment for getting work done. There are the distractions of television, family, and even sleeping in your own bed, that tend to get in the way of focusing on work. Sure, you could go work in a coffee shop or diner, but it’s likely the cast of characters

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