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Clean Your Desk at Work It Holds More Germs Than You Think

Natural disinfectant spray

No matter how hard we try to clean, germs and bacteria linger in places and on surfaces we use almost every day. There are about 21,000 germs per square inch on the average desk, computer chair, and keyboard, and flu viruses can survive on these surfaces for two days. Also, 48 percent of microwave handles that you open at close at work host a significant number of germs, according to a Kimberly-Clark Professional study. Hospitals might be the largest site of bacteria with so many sick people going in and out of these facilities on a daily basis. To reduce the chances of spreading these germs, as well as illnesses or diseases, strong all purpose disinfectants should be used to clean your work space often. The same applies to your own house. Phones, kitchen appliances, and bathroom sinks are among ma

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