Remodeling A Church Combining Old With New

Church pew chairs

Whether you are building a new church or renovating an old church, pews can be a considerable decision and expense. There are a wide variety of church pew styles to choose from, so selecting a style that will work best for your congregation can be a big decision.

Factors you will need to consider include space. How many pews and what length pews will
work best for the space? Do you want permanent pews or movable pews? You also need to consider comfort and design. Do you want basic wood pews, upholstered pews, or wood pews with cushions? Are you in a congregation that knees during the service and would benefit from kneelers?

Other factors include type of wood and the finish of the wood. There are nearly endless options when it comes to church pew design. You also need to take budget into consideratio

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Top Tips For First-Time Home Buyers

Condos for sale

If you’re buying a home for the first time, you may be understandably overwhelmed — or may easily get carried away by the excitement of it all. But whether you’re looking at downtown real estate, new construction in the suburbs, or historic real estate for sale, there are some important tips that all first-time buyers should know. Using these tips along with an experienced real estate agent will ensure that you make an informed decision on the home you end up purchasing.

  • Calculate your budget (and stick to it)
    First thing’s first. Before checkin
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Creating a Regular Sleep Schedule With Your Child

Crib mattress fitted sheet

It is no surprise that newborn babies require a lot of care and attention. They are unable to do many things for themselves, requiring the parent?s constant attention and dedication. Parents are responsible for feedings, bathing, and sleep schedules. The sleep schedule can be one of the biggest struggles for a newborn baby. They tend to sleep on their own schedules and parents are required to follow that same schedule, regardless of other work and family responsibilities. Once your baby is old enough, how do you begin establishing a sleep routine that works for both the baby and the parent?

Develop a routine early on. Newborn babies do not follow schedules very well. They want to eat when they are hungry, regardless of the hour. They want to sleep when they are tired, regardl

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Are You Looking for Drastic Treatment Options for a Loved One Who Is Struggling with Addiction?

Ibogaine therapy

The late night social media posts should have been a warning sign. The fact that those posts went on almost nonstop during the hours when most people are sleeping should have been especially alarming.
While your son was attempting to hold down a full time job during the day he was apparently staying up most of the night sending out warnings. And while you originally thought that the pictures that were clearly taken at his home on in is bedroom were an indicator that at least he was at home instead of out clubbing with friends, looking back through those posted photos is haunting. He may have been home instead of out on the town, but he clearly was still making pretty bad choices.
Closer examination of the posted photos indicate drinking, and maybe some drug use. When you thought he was doing well, he

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The Crime of Addiction in the US

Treatment program

The statistics surrounding addiction in America are staggering. Over 20 million people over the age of 12 have an addiction that is not tobacco, over 90% of people with addictions started drinking or using illicit drugs before the age of 18, and 2.6 million people living with addictions are addicted to both alcohol and illicit drugs.

The problem is reaching new heights and the pharmaceutical industry in America is in many ways contributing to the problem. Consider the case of OxyContin, a painkiller whose sales benefited Purdue Pharma. In its first year on the market, OxyContin brought in $45 million dollars in revenue. Five years later, the number was over $1.1 billion, which is an increase of over 2000% in a little over four years.

Incredible growth of a product within its market, with a little a

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Are You Distracted by Your Dingy Office? What Interior Designers Want You to Know Right Now

Interior designer scottsdale az

Are you looking to remodel but aren’t sure if you could afford to hire an interior designer? The best interior designers will work with you to achieve your vision for your home or office: when you meet for the first time, talk to them about the budget that you have in mind. Maybe you can invest in a few conversation pieces but save a little money when it is time to reupholster your furniture. Attractive designs are so varied that you may be surprised how much your interior designer can accomplish on a shoestring.


Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter? A Step-by-Step Guide to Winter Maintenance

Custom pool installers

There are many benefits of owning a swimming pool or hot tub, but as an owner, cleaning, maintaining, and shutting down your custom pool or hot tub for the winter is your responsibility. Only by taking proper care of your hot tub can you ensure that you will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

As the cold weather approaches, you will need to make specific adjustments to either keep your hot tub operating throughout the winter or shut it down. Read on to learn about both options.

Closing Custom Hot Tubs for the Winter

  1. Power it down: Fi
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How to Survive the Potty Training Months of a Toddler’s Life

Esprit bedding

Every mother has laid in bed at three in the morning, willing her toddler to stop crying. But he won’t. Why? Because he had an accident. Another one. Why won’t he just get this potty training thing? So, up she gets. She’ll spend the next 20 minutes changing the bed sheets, washing the toddler and changing his clothes and possibly another hour soothing him back to sleep now that he’s wide awake. It’s so tempting to go back to diapers during these moments. We spend so much time wishing that we didn’t have to buy diapers anymore and then during the potty training period, all of a sudden, they are worth the cost. Here is how you can survive those nights without making your child regress in his or her potty training progress.

  1. Double up the Bedding
    This is the ol’ “put two sets of bed clo

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4 Effective Ways to Deal With Terrible Twos Behavior

Newborn baby sleep

Many parents dread the terrible twos. The screaming because they can?t have their way, the unexpected tantrums over nothing and the refusal to eat anything on their plate all add up to what is known as ?terrible twos behavior.? This phase of childhood has frustrated numerous sets of parents to no end, but you?re in luck! Read on to discover how you can avoid the terrible twos behavior in just a few short steps.

Dealing with the terrible twos can tire anyone out. Whether you?re a brand new parent or a veteran babysitter, terrible twos have a way of stretchi

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Are You Preparing to Talk to You Parent About Home Health Care Options or Settings?

Long beach home care

Some of the phone calls you have had lately with your mother are heartbreaking.
For years, your mother has insisted that she has wanted to remain in her own home. In the past when you have talked about the options for senior home care she has been adamant that she wants to continue to cook and clean for herself and remain in her own home. And while you admire her health and her attitude, you cannot deny the sadness in her voice.
In the last few months several of your mother’s friends have moved out of their own homes and into a variety of senior home care options. Even the normal church activities that she has so long enjoyed seem to be difficult for her recently. In fact, her Monday morning quilting group at church that she has worked with for years does not even seem to be the same. As some of

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