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Shoji Room Dividers The Stylish Solution

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Looking to add a bit of culture and class to a room? Or are you just looking for creative ideas for room dividers? Shoji screens might be just the simple and elegant touch you’re looking for.

Shoji screens originated in China as bamboo and translucent paper panels and became a mainstay of traditional Japanese architecture. Shoji is used in Japan to create airy, traditional-style walls, space-saving sliding doors and folding screens.

Custom shoji screens are on the rise in the west due to the unique and cosmopolitan style they bring to a room. Screens can be ordered in a variety of wood types and materials, including linen, vinyl and durable, laminated rice paper. They can also be waterproofed for use in a kitchen or bathroom. Hot and humid climates are no problem for custom shoji screens, and they’

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