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Better Sleep A Buiding Block for Better Life

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“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it,” Mindy Kaling exclaims in her most recent book. Perhaps her need for sleep is indicative of poor sleep quality, often brought on by a crappy mattress. When people sleep, whether they know it or not, they are constantly changing sleep positions to avoid body tension. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) even says that the average mattress puts 50 pounds of pressure on a persons back. In addition to these, below are three reasons to seriously consider an adjustable bed to address sleep issues.
Chronic Pain
The ACA also reports that 15% of Americans suffer from chronic pain that is brought on by their sleep positions. Spines are shaped like an S while our mattresses are often shaped like a straight line.

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The Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

Getting better sleep

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that individuals take short naps no longer than 10 to 20 minutes in order to remain well rested throughout the day. However, the vast majority of people cannot do that, as their daily schedule does not allow for regular short naps. With that said, many people struggle to get a good night of sleep every night. For those people, an adjustable bed could be a suitable solution.

There are many different kinds of adjustable beds, from king adjustable beds to dual adjustable beds. Sleeping on an adjustable bed is one of the best natural ways to sleep better, and can usually help alleviate any and all problems sleeping at night.

Importantly, a flat, horizontal mattress

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