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Condo Furnishing Options that Bring the Beach Inside

Florida interior design

So you’ve finally purchased that beachside (or nearly beachside) condo. Congratulations! Now, the trick is to come up with ideas for furnishing a condo in a way that emphasizes your personality as well as your surroundings.

Bring the beach indoors without all the mess of the sand. A seaside-style living space gives you the peace and calm associated with the beach, no matter how far your new pad might actually be from the shore!

Here are some amazing condo furnishing options you can incorporate quickly and easily into your new space to get it feeling more like a home.

  • Colors
    To simulate a water view, think ocean colors: sandy neutrals and sea blues on the walls or in the accents of your furniture can really lend a cool breeze. Simple bursts like a trim color or oceanview pain
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