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Tips for Buyers of Big City Real Estate

Los angeles lofts for sale

As of 2012, nearly 48% of Los Angeles, California residents owned their own homes. This is roughly 5% higher than the national average. When it comes to explaining the higher home ownership rate in Los Angeles, there are several possible factors that might come into play. It could be the climate, it’s proximity to Hollywood, or the useful tips for buying a condo. Whatever it is, people seem to love living in Southern California.

When prospective home buyers are looking into purchasing their first home, they have to be certain that they are choosing to live in an area where they can envision themselves remaining for several years. Thus, the community in which they choose to settle should, ideally, offer a healthy economy and job growth, an affordable cost of living, and good schools.

One of the bi

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Three Awesome Foods to Serve With Your Sunday Brunch Buffet

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Brunch is easily the most underrated meal of the day. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, meeting the boyfriend’s parents, or just catching up with your college roommates, a Sunday morning brunch is light, casual and fun! There are tons of good brunch places, but if you need to really make a good impression, why not put out a nice little Sunday brunch buffet?

Now, the real question is what do you serve at this Sunday buffet brunch? If you think that a Sunday brunch buffet is an awesome idea, here’s a few great food ideas!


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